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A Spirit has fled its own body and a life of world fame as a performing escape artist along with it. Now, drifting along with no physical sensation it searches for meaning in a place without form known as the INTER.

INTER is an ongoing, serialized story told through weekly music and sporadic comics releases.




Our narrator welcomes us to the INTER and introduces the Spirit with a recap of its old life.


The Spirit reawakens and wonders—what is the INTER? And what has become of the Spirit's self?

THIS PAGE will be updated with lyrics for each release if you want to see the epic poem take shape over time.

This week is the official starting point for INTER, no turning back now (or at least it'd be strange if I did so soon after starting). I'd say it feels like a momentous occasion, but for a story that's been sitting with me in the background of everything for so long, it's like more of an extension of a thing already in motion. Ever since our Spirit escaped from its own body at the end of the 2015 album no Matic, it's been floating around in a faraway cloud of nothingness and has plenty to report on. How long has it been? One-and-a-half years? Or is it closer to 90? Has time even passed at all for this aimless ghost?

 (Art by Rachel Ang from the upcoming INTER comic)

(Art by Rachel Ang from the upcoming INTER comic)

As it turns out, the movement of years, minutes, and seconds don't seem to make so much sense in the INTER, and if you'll allow that very same Spirit to bring you up to speed, you may even notice that this is a place you've been before, or perhaps somewhere you've always been in some capacity, and the more you spend here the more familiar it becomes. For those encountering this space between for the first time, think of it as a window into the void, one you may find again someday.


Before things get underway I want to give a special thanks to Ogi for providing such a consistent stream of inspiring sounds and helping build the framework for what's occupied much of my creative thought for these past couple years (and further back in other forms).

You've also been seeing some peeks at artwork by Rachel Ang, which in full looks as incredible as the previews suggest, but I'll talk more about that in the coming weeks. (If you happen to live in Melbourne and manage to get in contact with Rachel or find your way to Sticky Institute you can get your hands on a copy of the comic now, otherwise stay tuned...)

And even though the comic isn't yet available, it's not by mistake that it's mentioned side by side with the music as the two run in loose connection, not incomplete on their own but both supplementary to the other.

Meanwhile, Microfome continues to hold me down through this unconventional turn, which I'm endlessly grateful for, as well as all the folks who've lent their ear and feedback along the way.

That's about it. Feel free to roam around at your leisure, listen every week, listen to songs out of order, wait a month and try a chunk of story, wait for the comic, wait until it's over, wait for that moment where it feels right to you. (One of the upcoming tracks has been described as feeling like a cup of ginger tea. Try to guess which as we progress through the weeks)


Now that we're both here peering over the edge of this blank space and considering taking that first step into what could be a long running experiment in storytelling with music and comics, maybe I lied about this not being momentous for me, despite however much time I've spent here before you showed up. But I suppose we're in it together now and there's only one way to find out what's over that edge.



Daniel Johnson

Melbourne, Victoria