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no Matic tells the story of The Amazing Vanishing Man, a vaudeville performer known internationally for his famed escape act. In the mid-1920s vaudeville is declining, but the Vanishing Man remains stuck in a performing contract with a traveling troupe, entertaining crowds who are obsessed with old, nostalgic acts rather than his new ideas.

But he has a trick up his sleeve...

For years he has practiced out of body meditation, and after his final stage performance he aims to break free from the physical world once and for all!

Written by Daniel
Produced by Ogi
Art by Rosie Lockie

Download of the album (optional payment)
includes book of lyrics in poetic prose,
pdf of the prelude comic book,
and booklet of credits.
Also available on all streaming platforms.

Released 10.31.2015
28 pages, black and white
Available at select stores, online order, and digital.

Re-released with new vocal mix April 2017
Originally released as Part I: Finale (October 2015) and Part II: Projection (January 2016)